2 odds vs long shot accumulators: A shop agent vs a barman

Hey buddy,

I got an interesting case study of long shot accumulators and 2 odds.

This is a true life event and i was really amazed by how it all turned out. I omitted out their names from the story to protect their identity.

I'd try to keep it as short as i can.

There was a bet9ja shop agent and a bar man.

The shop agent owned his own betting shop and had 3 cashier staffs working for him. He had a small cubicle he called his 'office'

It was his love for sports betting that drove him to own a betting shop of his own. Throughout the day, he looked for picks and placed bets. He was a methodological punter. He always looked for safe picks and tracked his picks if it won or lost. He felt he was a better punter than everyone who came to his shop always betting 100 naira to win millions.

The bar man was seen at the betting shop almost everyday. He was exactly the type of punter the shop agent detested. Always staking 100 naira to win thousands and millions.

To make matters worse, anytime the shop agent tries to talk about how he bets 5k on a 2 odds to some guys, the bar man always interfered and cursed that people who staked big on low odds know nothing about betting.

Honestly the bar man made a lot of sense because the shop agent wasn't exactly winning all the time and he was staking more than what the bar man staked in a month in just a few tickets. Most people agreed with the bar man.

He also had a lot of friends in the shop. He was funny and was almost close to winning his 100 naira tickets.

For all these reasons the shop agent hated the bar man.

One day while the shop agent was arranging a ticket for a big man who knew nothing about football betting. The man met him and said he should help him arrange games he would stake with N50,000.

The shop agent told him he would give him very low odds, about 5 games, rounding up to 2 odds in total. The big man was happy, that means he could win 100k! He then offered the shop agent 20k from the 100k if it truly won.

The bar man overheard this and gave a counter advice to the big man.

"Oga nor follow that man o, You go just lose your money. I go arrange 5 ticket wey you go stake with 3k. Na 15k i need total and e fit win pass this man yeye 2 odds sef!"

The shop agent was furious! He ordered the bar man out of his shop but the big man held them both and told the shop agent to relax. Other punters who were in the shop were all laughing because they knew of the beef these two always had. The big man all hearing that these were two unique style of punters said he knew how to settle their beef once and for all.

He said he would drop 100k; 50k for the shop agent and 50k for the bar man.

By the end of the weekend, the person who made the most money from his 50k wins. He also said he will dash an additional 50k to the person who won.

The shop agent accepted the challenge. The bar man was happy!

It was a Saturday morning and it was perfect! The shop agent went to his office to plan his games while the bar man started arranging his ticket.

The shop agent knew he was a better punter! He did a good amount of research online and he could swear he was even more profitable than that stupid bar man who always got on his nerves.

The battle-line was drawn.

On Sunday evening there was a loud noise from the betting shop.

The barman had flawed the shop agent! He had 2 winning tickets: 3k won 82k and 1k won 29k. He still had a change of 15k he had not even staked with from the initial 50k!

So he had a total of N126k. The bar man himself was shocked at the wins, he concluded this was his lucky day.

The shop agent on the other hand had staked on low sure odds of 2, 4 and 7 with 15k each. He was sure he would win at least 2 tickets but he won nothing. In all the tickets, exactly one game spoilt them. He just had a 5k balance left with him. He was shocked too by bar man's winnings.

The big man honoured his word and gave the barman 50k. Everyone in the betting shop was shouting at barman's victory.

3 months later guess what?

The bar man had squandered and lost all of the cash back to bet9ja, he was back to base and sometimes didn't even have 100 naira that he normally used to bet.

The shop agent however, had used that defeat and discovered a goldmine where he was able to forget about researching for picks and all the headache of using free low odd predictions that never made him profits.

All he had do was login and take the 2 odds and 'system bets' for the day from this site. In 3 months he had grown his initial 20k to over 300k using these guys.

At the end of the day, consistent winnings are better than one-off long-shot accumulators. The shop agent was winning almost everyday while the bar man was in a cycle. Waiting for his next 'lucky' day.

...and this is what i tell people constantly. They win 1 or 2 accumulators and forget all they have lost. So they always go back to the same place. They are never in profits. If they could see data of how much they have staked and how much they have won, you'd see the money always goes back to the bookies. It has happened over and over again and it is probably happening to you right now.

Break free and start making smarter stakes which generates you profits in the long run.

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