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  • Banker 2 odds - 95% win rate
  • Rollovers - 98% win rate
  • 24/7 support
  • Automated tracking sheet
  • Inplay Live bets - 90% win rate
  • Mega Stats Pack
  • Group chat
  • Pro Betting Tutorials
  • Pro Budget sheet
  • Customized betting plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequent questions from aspiring subscribers

1) What is your winning success rate? How many % percentage guarantee are your games?

2) Do you offer free trial games?

3) Can I do rollovers with your 2 odds?

4) Hope your games are real?

5) Do you send games daily? How many tickets per day?

6) Do you give other games?

7) Do you have weekly payments?

8) How can I be sure you are not scam? What makes you different from other services who scammed me?

9) Can I pay after winning?

10) How will you confirm payment if I pay?

11) How do I access my games after payment?

12) How much do I stake with? How much capital can I start with?

13) if i pay now, when will i start getting games?

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