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sure daily 2 odds

From the Desk of


Chief Tipster TwoSureOdds.Com

Hey Champ,

I want you to pay careful attention to every single word on this page because by the time you are done your mentality towards making money off the bookies will change and so will your earnings.

Some of the things you read might seem counter-intuitive and opposite to what you have heard but i promise to guide you along all through the way...

The No. 1 One Reason Why You Keep Losing to the Bookies...

Do you know why you can't seem to consistently win and make profits over a long time?

You have no PLAN.

For one moment, forget picking value bets or scouring the internet looking for free betting picks and prediction.

You need to have a different mentality first on how you look at soccer betting. Read the next sentence out loud and carefully.

"You need to treat betting like an investment, and just like the stock markets, you need to learn how to trade."

Have you read it? Now read it one more time. I want it to sink into your brain and your subconscious.

Now, Let's say you want to make an investment in stocks, Would you go in without a PLAN?  HELL NO!

Surely before you make an investment:

1) You will need to set aside how much you want to invest.
2) You will need to set aside a feasible target monthly or yearly return using past data.
3) You will need to set aside what markets you want to trade in.
and so many other things.

So if you wanted to treat football betting like an investment, It's safe to say:

1) You will also need to set aside how much you want to invest.
2) You will also need to set aside a feasible target monthly or yearly return using past data.
3) You will also need to set aside what markets you want to trade in.

You see does that make sense to you?

I bet it does!

So back to the No. 1 reason why you keep losing to the bookies which is the fact that you have no plan.

You will now agree with me that instead of:

1) Betting on your favorite team; You should remove emotions and focus on teams and leagues where you get value for each bet you place.

You will also agree with me that instead of:

2) Betting with random amounts of cash; You should have a fixed and feasible bankroll where you stake only a small percentage. Say 5% to 10%.

and instead of:

3) Betting on 1 X 2 only. You should look into more markets which you can get a decent value from and master the art of picking games from that particular market.

The truth is that the bookies never want you to look at sports betting this way. They earn their money from the 90% of punters who are either inexperienced or newbies and make silly mistakes.

They never want you to bet logically that's why they always rub in your face one offer to another promoting bets on your favourite teams!

​​​You see them promoting outrageous winning tickets because they want to make you feel you can do it too. Well, you can. But ​the odds are undoubtedly stacked against you.

Like i said earlier, you NEED a PLAN, a solid one at that, before you kiss goodbye to having your betting bank at the negative.

So armed with this "new knowledge" you must be wondering now, How then do you make the research and really find winning games?

I will tell you how to do this (without even spending 2 minutes in a day) shortly using a secret 2 odds strategy but first...

...let me tell you a shocker about an urban myth which you may have fallen for called fixed matches.

Fixed Matches are Bullsh*t and do NOT exist to us mere mortals!

Uh Oh! I warned you i might tell you things differently. Let me give you a story as to why my bold claim above is true...

A couple years ago, Inexperienced me, very new to soccer betting was eager to look for ways to make "quick cash" off the bookies. I joined so many forums and groups searching for the "trick" or "shortcut" to huge earnings betting on soccer.

On one of my adventurous days; I stumbled upon one of those scam websites that promises you 100% guaranteed fixed. Of course, I never knew it was scam back then. I was pumped up and excited as they even promised me a fixed match with odds around 800!

I was told to pay a sum of $200 to access this match.

I did not have much cash then so, of course, i borrowed money from a friend promising to even pay back twice what i borrowed within 2 days!

Unfortunately for me, I didn't let him know the true purpose of me borrowing the money. I faked a story up and told him. I wanted to win the game of about 800 odds first and start showing off to my friends before i told them the truth.

I paid the guy and he told me he would send the games 15 minutes to kickoff. According to him, this was a norm for fixed matches so the bookies do not discover the match and block it off their system. This all added up together to make it look "insanely real" and double my excitement.

The matches according to the guy was going to kick-off by 2am in the morning so i should be online as i would receive the games by 1:45am.

I stayed awake patiently. My stomach was churned with anxiety that i could not eat dinner that evening.

I just patiently waited.

I had already funded my bet365 account with another $200 and according to my calculations, before dawn i would have $16,000!

1:45am. Truly the matches arrived. They were a combination of HT/FT markets. The guy advised me to accumulate all three matches. The total odds were around 870.

Stupid me. I even thought the guy over delivered!

I staked the whole $200 on the accumulator. Sat back on my chair and kept refreshing live scores to see how the matches were going to play out.

By half time. My eyes were literally red. The opposing teams had either won or drawn by half time as against the tips i was given.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it was a joke and i must have checked up to 10 different live score websites to verify if those were the matches being played.

I was even so frustrated to the extent i checked my bet365 betslip to confirm whether some miracle had happened.

By full time. All 3 matches lost. No miracles. No money. I was left with nothing.

I sent countless messages on Skype and facebook to the guy i bought the fixed match from and he never responded.

Eventually he blocked me off  and never responded to my emails too.

You see, If you have ever been in a scenario like this, you know how it feels.

You have been swindled off your cash and the bookies have yet again taken your hopes of ever making consistent income.

It's frustrating!

​"I got used to losing" - ​Tunji

Imagine spending hours day in and day out, week in and week out, trying to pick value bets. But at the end of the month, you are still losing out hugely?

That was Tunji. He would spend hours researching matches daily, scouring different prediction/tips website. He would win some. But lose most.

Around 5 months into when he began his soccer punting project. He was around $3000 in debt. No profits to show for all his efforts.

Some months ago, we were sitting at a bar. Reminiscing about the good 'ol days (or rather bad ol' days) when we lost heavily and he made a shocking statement to me.

"You know, a time came; I actually got used to losing."

I could relate with Tunji's statement because i was there too at a point but i never really saw it that way.

Maybe you have felt that way before, or you've never really thought of it this way.

Truth is, If you keep constantly losing your hard earned cash to the bookies ; You have actually gotten used to losing!

But all that is about to change in a few minutes from now.

Here is one really funny story one of my subscribers gisted me one day

​The worst punter in the world

"Na just 2 games remain. roma win or draw and barca over 2.5 goals"

David was flush with excitement but deep within him, he feared for the worst...

He had been on a losing streak for as long as he could remember...

He hadn't won in over 3 months and even when he staked on a 1.5 odd one time. The game lost.

Always unlucky...

There were days when he had come close to hitting the jackpot but as usual one game will "cut his ticket"

David was an adventurous punter. He loved staking to win millions of naira...

He would arrange games every weekend with odds over 5000 and stake around N1000...

Some days he arranged tickets which carried games for a week long duration.

Somehow he never won anything tangible...

But this time was different... The stakes were higher and he really had to win this....

"Guy if this games enter like this na 14 million ooo" his short bald friend said with a radiant hope...

"Man, i would be able to pay off all my debts and start afresh"

"Guy na beer parlour we go first enter nor be all this your yarnings like this so"
Short bald friend responded

"O boy na wa for you o. Beer na sure thing na make e just enter. I know say i arrange these games wella and that 8k wey i borrow put na my last hope for this life so, so he gots enter"


Roma win or draw... Final scoreline Roma wins 3-1...

David coudn't hide it anymore... He hadn't come this close to winning a huge sum before...

He decided to hit the beer parlour with his short bald friend to watch the Barcelona match. One thing he was 100% sure of was Barcelona were goal kings and they would make the over 2.5 goals bet come in...

After he saw the Roma result, he had drawn out a list of things he would use the 14 million to do...

1) Pay debt: N1.2 million
2) Flexing: N700k
3) Fish farming biz: 2 million
4) House rent for 2 years: N900k
5) New phone/clothes/wardrobe: N800k
6) Bitcoin Investment: N800k
7) Belgium car: N2 million
8) Fixed deposit: remaining one

He folded this piece of paper and placed it inside the breast pocket of one of his long sleeves shirt.

It was 9pm... The bar was loud, beer everywhere... David had even invited some girls to be with him that night because one thing was sure... he would win!

Short bald friend was ordering drinks like a mad man...

David knew he wanted early goals to ease the tension because he had borrowed another N20k to use for flexing this night. He promised his friend he would pay him double in some days time...


2' minute: Barcelona score...

David wasn't by any means a barcelona fan but he was screaming at the top of his voice when Deulofeu scored...

Short bald friend saw this as another opportunity to order a fresh plate of peppersoup...

Half time: Barcelona 1 - 0 Malaga...


David could feel the tension in his palms. He had paid the girls he invited little attention as they did not know what was up...

Short bald friend was already on his 3rd bottle of guiness big stout and he was getting high.


2nd half. Iniesta scored 56th minute...

David screamed louder than the first goal...

Short bald friend - one more plate of peppersoup...


72' minute.... Still 2 - 0...

80' minute: 2 - 0

89' minute: No goals scored; Still 2-0
Barcelona were pretty comfortable with kicking the ball around with passes... David was still hopeful. He had summoned all the gods he knew, he had promised to be a more moral and upright person... he had made a vow to pay 10% of the winnings to the orphanage...

He was almost vowing to devote his life to charity and open a church giving food to the poor when he heard the final whistle...

Barcelona 2 - 0 Malaga...

Short bald friend had passed out from beer around 70th minute.

the girls had gone home around the 85th minute.

David was here full time, alone.

He didn't know what to feel, how to feel or why he should even feel.

His legs froze to the ground... the waiter had brought his bill for the night

short bald friend and the girls had drank and eaten N19,400...

He had just 600 naira with him left after paying...

He didn't even wake short bald friend... He took a bike straight home and wept his eyes out...

He thought to himself. He was officially the worst punter in the world

No Offence - But you are INSANE!

A couple years ago when i fell for the fixed match scam, I was insane.

Before that a buddy of mine, Tunji was insane.

And David was terribly INSANE!

And if you have ever been like the way we were. Or if you are currently facing the same scenario, then sorry to say you are insane.

One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein goes:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

It might hurt you a bit when i say you are INSANE but if you have been losing, you probably have been doing the same things over and over again magically expecting a different result.

Remember the story of how i lost about $400 in total on the first ever fixed match i bought?

Well i never ended there. I kept at my drive to fixed matches till something dawned on me one day.

I read an article on one of the top soccer news sites that talked about fixed matches. Basically it summed the truth about fixed matches.

"Fixed matches are real and actually exist but they are so discreet and organised usually by the top shots who have a whole lot of money. They are so discreet to the point that the soccer club's in-house staff might not even know what is happening. So its literally impossible for a lay man like you or me to get their hands on. If you google "Buy fixed matches" for instance, there are over 1000 fake websites that claim to have this fixed matches. It is because of the enticing odds (sometimes as high as 1000) that unsuspecting victims are usually lured to buy in."

It made sense to me! I had been really stupid. Fixed matches are actually an urban myth.

Normal guys like you and me can't possible buy it off some crappy website on the internet for $100 or $200 and expect to win.

Sometimes these guys go as far as selling different HT/FT options of particular match to different people. They know that there will be a winner. So anyone who wins becomes very excited and think its all real, then they buy again. The viscous cycle just continues.

I was insane! I kept doing the same "wrong" things and expected to make money from the bookies!

Heck, Tunji even got used to losing and still kept doing the same "wrong" things until he was way in debt!

David had never won in months and magically expected to win just because he staked high!

So I want you to honestly answer any of these questions.

  • Are you currently wasting your hard earned cash looking for one fixed match or another to buy?
  • Or you are painfully researching for matches, spending hours trying to pick winners and still lose?
  • Or you are one of those who weekend in; weekend out, you are stuck in betting shops trying to use 100 naira to win millions of naira by loading up your betslips with accumulators that almost NEVER wins?
  • Always one game or two games ruining your ticket?
  • Tried different services and tipsters without making profit?

If you answered yes, to any of the questions above, then i will NOT ONLY show you my secret strategy i used to triple my bankroll in less than 30 days but I WILL ALSO deliver the same picks i stake personally everyday to you!

Are you excited to lay hands on this? If not, Here is WHY YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED and PAY ATTENTION TO my every word...

​The reason why you should listen to me and why today is the best day of your life...

My name is Alex. I am professional punter who has made millions from virtual football trading and soccer trading in general.

In the past 3 years, I have withdrawn over 8.5 million naira from different bookies from the virtual football league alone + normal football betting

You see right around the time when i had given up hope on fixed matches, I stumbled upon the virtual football league from betrader and started making cash through it.

But being an avid football fan, I couldn't resist the urge to delve back right into normal football betting.

This time around, I wasn't looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. I was looking for real time techniques and strategies that could make me belong in the top professional soccer punters that actually make money trading football.

I tried live betting. I was profitable for a couple of months but i was not happy with the profits i made. Too meagre i would say, for my time invested. It was at this point i met with Tunji (the guy who got used to losing earlier on)

That was when he told me his story.

His story was touching. He had gone $3000 in debt in 7 months.

But sitting across the table looking at him. He didn't seem like he was still in debt anymore.

I was curious so i asked him how to turned his fortunes around. That was when he told me of the Albert Einstein quote i showed you above.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

He explained to me that after the 7 months of working hard and picking out value bets without profits; he went back to the basics.

He changed his mentality of trying to earn millions overnight to one in which is gradually accumulated his profits in a slow and steady manner.

He stopped trying to beat the bookies; but join them in getting a share of the cake by working smarter.

He told me that instead of just picking random games and analysing then staking without a plan, he simply started picking games of odds around 2.0 daily with a nifty little technique.

I was excited. But there was a flaw in Tunji's plan.

He was earning close to 80% profits monthly but he still had to spend 5-6 hours daily studying trends and picking almost sure winners...

And that was when a light bulb hit me in the head...

sure daily 2 odds

We could get more people on board and share the work around. Picking the games daily will not be too much work.

I spent around 6 months testing the 2 sure odd recipes and secrets and oh boy! I was more profitable than i had ever been in soccer punting.

So that was when TwoSureOdds.Com was born. We would go ahead and get more professional 2 odds tipsters who will bring in their own techniques mixed with ours to create an amazing service which would return an almost guaranteed 95% monthly profits.

We decided to wait till when the football season kicked off in August 2016 before launching our sure 2 odds prediction platform.

Since then, we have been in business for almost 4 years and finally fine-tuned our strategies to bring out ONE SIMPLE SECRET 2 ODD RECIPE... 

For far too long a time, the internet has been swarmed up with terrible football tipsters, awful predictions and low profits/huge losses.

You have been promised so much and charge rates through the roof, each time you see little or no returns.

They give you stupid odds, high stakes, ridiculous staking plans and let you down again and again

That is why i am truly excited to introduce to you...

sure daily 2 odds

Sure 2 Odds Daily: The Exclusive Two Sure Odds Premium Picks Members Arena

All the hardwork has been done for you. All you need do is select games, stake and smile to the bank at the end of the month! With an average win rate of 5/7 weekly, you will be making profits more than ever.

  • Scoop in guaranteed monthly profits - You never have to worry about losing your bankroll anymore
  • Access a community of the best tipsters. We recruit the best tipsters regularly to provide you with games that are almost always guaranteed to win.
  • Never worry about spending hours look for "free predictions" that don't win.
  • Spend just 2 minutes a day getting our games and staking on them
  • Doesn't require you to bet huge amounts and use loss-chasing staking plans. All stakes are flat/level stakes.
  • No Prior Knowledge of Football is Needed to Make Huge Profits.
  • Monthly soccer trading training
  • Weekly cash prize competitions  - Win up to 15k weekly in our various competitions
  • Interact with over 1200 other members and gain insightful tips, tricks and systems that make you NEVER throw your cash away to the bookies anymore
  • The secrets the top 2% of Pro punters will never tell you and what the BOOKIES will never let you know

Here Are 6 Key Benefits Over 1200 Active Subscribers Who Are Rocking this Service Enjoy!

Guaranteed Monthly Profits -No More Losses

Exclusive Premium Picks

Priceless community Of Pro Punters

Consistent winnning picks

Access picks from any device

Spend less than 2 minutes daily!

Access Your Winning Picks From Anywhere!

Facebook Premium VIP Secret Group


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Exclusive Emails/ Members Login Area

All the work has been done for you.
As ridiculous as this might look; This is all you really will do!

Step 1: Wake Up In the Morning (Easy)

When you know you will have an awesome day!

Step 2: Login to the membership and collect games to stake on for that day (Easy! As long as you are computer or mobile literate)

This was honestly the best image i could find :)

Step 3: After one month; Withdraw profits ( Our average is actually 140% returns. Sometimes we hit 300%, it depends)

Hey, Word of advice: Spend ya money wisely!

Jokes Apart: No Bank Will Give Your Our Return On Investment Monthly in 5 Years!

Let's do the math here.

You can google up the fixed deposit interest rates of your bank.

What you will find will shock you to the bones!

A typical bank will offer you 2% to 10% interests on your capital in ONE YEAR!

And we are talking about HUGE capital investments.

So lets say they offer you 10% in interest per annum - Best case scenario. (While they go use your money to do good business with over 3x profits)

2 years, 20%.
3 years, 30%.
After 5 years, you would have gotten 50% of your investment.

So if you say investment N100,000. They will pay you N150,000 after 5 years!!!


Yeah, you might shout: "But the banks are safe and my money is guaranteed!"

Well, Sorry to bust your bubble. What about inflation? You think N100,000 is going to be worth that same amount in 5 years with the way the economy is?

What if the bank folds up? I know its rare and it barely ever happens but it could happen. And POOF! your cash is gone.

Now I am not promising you 1000% profits in a day. Nope.

Over the past years, we have successfully averaged a monthly ROI of over 140%.

In some particular months, we made an ROI as high as 500%!

But we know this is gambling and things could get wrong sometimes. This is why we are not promising you that much.

To be honest with you, In some really shitty months we get an ROI around 20%. I am not going to lie and tell you we make such incredible profits every month.

But the 3 constant facts are this:

- You never lose your cash monthly!

- Our average monthly ROI for the past 3 years has been 140%!

- We average 5/7 wins weekly with our 2 odds.

Infact last month, we recorded a 214.3% ROI

What this basically means is we mostly have really good months and make so much profits that they make up for months where say, our ROI is just 20%.

So if you are looking to make millions overnight. This is not for you!

Go and search other websites who promise you outrageous odds all in a bid to scam you.

Funny thing is none of them can even meet our lowest monthly ROI of 20%!

You are about to be inducted into a VIP group consisting of the best tipsters whose sole job is to ensure you end up in good profits monthly.

We follow a systematic plan in ensuring you hit the target profits monthly. We do not chase losses.

All stakes are simple flat stakes each and every day.

You do not need to worry about researching for game daily anymore. All you need do is login to the membership platform. Pick the games of the day. Stake and withdraw your profits monthly!

Remember David? The guy who told himself he was the worst punter in the world? He has been with us for over a year now.

He does not bother about his heart beating while watching a match anymore or praying for one game not to "cut his ticket".

He just logs in to the member arena, pick the games for the day and stakes. He has made more cash in 1 year than he had lost during his worst days!

How sweet is that?

Ok, I am ready to get access to this Exclusive Sure 2 Odds Daily Premium Picks Members Arena

If you are still here, reading this page. I am truly excited for you

P.S: This page was specifically made long to drive off the unserious ones ​;)

If you have followed us before now, you'd notice we closed down registrations to the public before (for over a year!) to focus on providing extreme value to our VIP subscribers.

This service is just relaunching now to the public and we are offering it dirt cheap so you jump on board and see that we actually offer much more than we preach.

We are also very keen on receiving your testimonials.

This is why I'm going to bribe you TODAY to join the Exclusive Two Sure Odds Premium Picks Members Arena by giving you a special early-bird discount!

We are taking a whooping 70% off the normal prices before we close our service back up to the public.

So take advantage of our special early bird discount offer!


Special Discount Ends In:


If you have any questions about placing an order, You can call or send us a message on whatsapp with the number below



  • Renews Yearly
  • Access Premium VIP Picks Arena for 1 YEAR
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We currently have over 1200 vip subscribers across all our channels who constantly enjoy 2 odd winnings like this:

Some Recent Winnings... Click to expand

See what these recent subscribers said when they joined TSO Arena

Now before all these guys joined the TSO Arena, we took a survey and found most frequently asked questions about our service.

Frequently asked questions (faqs) about the 2 sure odds private vip arena

1) What is your winning success rate? How many % percentage guarantee are your games?

2) How many times do you win in month?

3) Do you offer free trial games?

4) ​Can I do rollovers with your 2 odds?

5) Hope your games are real?

6) ​How sure is the 2 odds? What happens if 2 odds don't win?

7) Do you send games daily? How many tickets per day?

8) How can I be sure you are not scam? What makes you different from other services who scammed me?

9) Can I pay after winning?

10) ​Do you have weekly payments?

11) How will you confirm payment if I pay?

12) ​How do I access my games after payment?

13) How much do I stake with? How much capital can I start with?

14) Do you give other games?

15) ​if i pay now, when will i start getting games?

Nothing Stands In Your Way Now To Consistent Earnings From Your Bookie

The ball is in your court. You have been given a special early bird discount price. You are literally minutes away from changing your income situation. The choice is yours whether to let the bookies keep draining you off your hard earned cash or take action and Get Into The Premium VIP Picks Arena!

Think of it this way. Calculate how much you have lost from betting for the past couple months. If you cannot a small % of that on ensuring consistent winnings, then you are not ready to change your story.

You know how the old saying goes: "you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…"

Well, here is the water, now it’s your job to take a drink.

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