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Why do I keep losing money betting? Try this exercise.

Chief, how is your day going?

It's been a fun couple of days for us in the 2 odds pro arena as we keep landing those nice winnings but before I show you some proof, I want you to ponder upon something right now.

Yup right now.

In fact, I might even call it an exercise - a fun type.

Here it goes: (View image below)

simple exercise

So what's your answer?

Be dead honest with yourself. Profits or HEAVY losses?

I once did this exercise for a corporate friend i had. He was a high staker. Bets as high as 50k to 100k per ticket.

The funny thing is i did the exercise with him while he had just used 50k to win 280k one Saturday.

When he logged in and checked his bet history just for the past 6 months, he almost cried. Yup really.

He came to a self-realization that he had been chasing the wind. He was up a negative of over 1.2 million and to think he was happy he just won 250k!

He realized he needed help at that moment

When i first performed this exercise on myself a couple years ago, i realized how terrible of a punter i was. The cash i had lost both offline and online was alarming.

Maybe you just realized this too or maybe you will.

But the HARD truth is; you are losing way more than you think and that needs to change.

If you are truly serious about turning around your earnings with soccer betting, you need to stop losing stupidly and start winning aggressively.

Over 1251 2 odds pro arena members have changed their story for good. What are you waiting for?

We are the best out there. Simple. In-fact we are the ONLY ones out there who could supercharge your come-back and actually start winning.

We do not just give out games, we guide you.

We do not just give out winning games, we teach you how to become a better punter.

One game cut our ticket, we got you covered with our advanced system bets.

Honestly if you are serious about finally getting to see green betslips regularly, then this might be your final (and possibly ONLY) chance at this

Like I always say, the ball is in your court.

Stop throwing away your cash week-in and week-out on stupid predictions which have not gotten you anywhere.

Start winning today!

Alex tso