Why you keep losing to the bookies

Do you know why you can't seem to consistently win and make profits over a long time?

You have no PLAN.

For one moment, forget picking value bets or scouring the internet looking for free betting picks and prediction.

You need to have a different mentality first on how you look at soccer betting. Read the next sentence out loud and carefully.

"You need to treat betting like an investment, and just like the stock markets, you need to learn how to trade."

Have you read it? Now read it one more time. I want it to sink into your brain and your subconscious.

Now, Let's say you want to make an investment in stocks, Would you go in without a PLAN?


Surely before you make an investment:

1) You will need to set aside how much you want to invest.

2) You will need to set aside a feasible target
monthly or yearly return using past data.

3) You will need to set aside what markets you want to trade in.

and so many other things.

So if you wanted to treat soccer betting like an investment, It's safe to say:

1) You will also need to set aside how much you want to invest.

2) You will also need to set aside a feasible target monthly or yearly return using past data.

3) You will also need to set aside what markets you want to trade in.

You see does that make sense to you?

I bet it does!

So back to the No. 1 reason why you keep losing to the bookies which is the fact that you have no plan.

You will now agree with me that instead of:

1) Betting on your favorite team; You should remove emotions and focus on teams and leagues where you get value for each bet you place.

Instead of:

2) Betting with random amounts of cash; You should have a fixed and feasible bankroll where you stake only a small percentage. Say 5% to 10%.

Instead of:

3) Betting on 1 X 2 only. You should look into more markets which you can get a decent value from and master the art of picking games from that particular market.

The truth is that the bookies never want you to look at sports betting this way. They earn their money from the 90% of punters who are either inexperienced or newbies and make silly mistakes.

They never want you to bet logically that's why they always rub in your face one offer to another promoting bets on your favorite teams!

Can you now see how all these make sense?

So armed with this "new knowledge" you must be wondering now, How then do you make the research and really find winning games?

I will tell you how to do this shortly (without even spending up to 2 minutes in a day). But first...

I need you to say this out loud to yourself twice (Really say it twice, it works!)

"I am willing to stop betting aimlessly and without a plan. I am willing to change and start making cash off the bookies. I am willing to treat soccer better like an investment and take the necessary steps in order for me to make good profits monthly"

Did you read that out loud? If you are at work or where you cannot read it loud. Shout it with your inner voice.

Do not underestimate the power of your words.

I really want you to start making cash off this bookies from this very moment and that statement dispels and removes every negative energy or feeling that you cannot make profits.

Now you are ready to take on the bookies.

And i want to go a step further for you.

I want to remove all the hard-work. All the stress it takes for you picking out games yourself.

Remember the plan i talked about earlier on that you don't have? I literally want to create that plan for you from start to finish and provide you daily with winning picks to make you cash-in on profits from the bookies monthly!

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