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One game cut your ticket?

One or two games always cutting your ticket?

I know, it f***king sucks! We have all been there, I mean, if you are an active punter like me, you must have felt the "one-game syndrome" dozens of times.

The cold hard truth is, the "one-game syndrome" is not going away. As long as you bet accumulators, you will most times or sometimes have 1 or 2 games spoiling your ticket.

I am not writing this to claim i have got the magic solution to this "one-game syndrome".

Infact it happened to me yet again over the weekend. I had an acca to win 214k from a 1500 stake and one stupid ass team spoilt it for me.

But do you know why this keeps happening and WILL KEEP happening to me and YOU?

We bet on accumulators!

Almost every football punter loves accumulators, I mean who wouldn't? They are fun, i love the thrill of checking off one game after another on my ticket and then win BIG on an 8 game accumulator from a small stake.

Accumulators are f*cking fun!

But the colder, harder truth is they won't make you money.

It's a sad truth because everyone loves betting on long shot accumulators, day in - day out. Take a look around you, what are your friends betting on? Go to the nearest Bet9ja shop. What are they betting on? The lovable accumulators!

But as long as your main revenue stream is on accumulators, you'd always be on the negative. You will truly never make money and will continually be hunted down by this "one-game sydrome"

For me, i still bet on accumulators purely for the thrills.

But ever since i discovered a secret strategy of using 2 odds daily along with "system bets", this has been my major source of revenue in betting.

System bets are what i call the new accumulator, combined with my powerful 2 odds recipe. I and my team of professional punters have generated an average of over 140% ROI for the past 3 years for us and over 500 VIP members.

No more "one-game syndrome" for us. When we play our system bets, we just wait for the betslips to update to see our shiny profits roll in. Add our 2 odds to this and it just keeps on getting better.

You want to know the coldest and hardest truth yet?

In your deepest of hearts, you know you've lost a whole lot, but like i said earlier; Accumulators are so much fun and addictive that you keep going back week after week hoping for a big win which might sadly never come. You know you can't keep throwing your cash away aimlessly. You might even try researching for games today. It's a fucking circle man. DO NOT BE STUCK IN IT.

Breakout from the "one-game syndrome" and start cashing in on the bookies today.

Over 1000 punters are already in on the "new accumulator" trend.

What are you waiting for?