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My fixed match story

By Alex Tso

A couple years ago, Inexperienced me, very new to football betting was eager to look for ways to make "quick cash" off these betting companies.

I joined so many forums and groups searching for the "trick" or "shortcut" to huge earnings betting on football.

On one of my adventurous days; I stumbled upon one of those scam websites that promises you 100% guaranteed fixed.

Of course, I did not know it was scam back then. 

I was pumped up and excited as they even promised me a fixed match with odds around 800!

I was told to pay a sum of $200 to access this match.

I did not have much cash then so, of course, i borrowed money from a friend promising to even pay back x2 of what i borrowed.

Unfortunately for me, I did not let him know the true purpose of me borrowing the money.

I faked a story and told my friend.

I wanted to win the game of about 800 odds first and start showing off to my friends before i told them the truth.

I paid the fixed match guy and he told me he would send the games 15 minutes to kickoff. According to him, this was a norm for fixed matches so the bookies do not discover the match and block it off their system.

This all added up together to make it look really believable and double my excitement.

The matches according to the guy was going to kick-off by 2am in the morning so i should be online as i would receive the games by 1:45am.

I stayed awake patiently. My stomach was burning with anxiety and excitement that i could not eat dinner that evening.

I just patiently waited.

I had already funded my bet365 account with another $200 and according to my calculations, before dawn i would have $16,000!

1:45am. Truly the matches arrived. They were a combination of HT/FT markets. The guy advised me to accumulate all three matches. The total odds were around 870.

Stupid me. I even thought the guy over delivered!

I staked the whole $200 on the accumulator. Sat back on my chair and kept refreshing live scores to see how the matches were going to play out.

By half time. My eyes were literally red.

The opposing teams had either won or drawn by half time as against the tips i was given.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it was a joke and i must have checked up to 10 different live score websites to verify if those were the matches being played.

I was even so frustrated to the extent i checked my bet365 betslip to confirm whether some miracle had happened.

By full time. All 3 matches lost. No miracles. No money. I was left with nothing.

I sent countless messages on Skype and facebook to the guy i bought the fixed match from and he never responded.

Eventually he blocked me off  and never responded to my emails too.

You see, If you have ever been in a scenario like this, you know how it feels.

You have been swindled off your cash and the bookies have yet again taken your hopes of ever making consistent income.

It's frustrating!

Share your fixed match experience below in the comment section if you ever been dwindled by one of them...

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