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How to be a Professional Punter Series (Step 3)

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Step 3: Track your bets

So you want to bet like a pro?

You need to start tracking your bets.

and it is not as hard as it may sound.

For example, I tracked my bets for a certain period last year. Guess what I discovered?

Arsenal always ruined my bets, somehow.

Either they lost whenever I bet for them. Or they win when I bet against them.

Tracking my bets enabled me to come to a personal conclusion and principle: never BET on Arsenal! (sorry, arsenal fans)

and this one principle has helped me a lot.

If I did not track my bets I would never have seen this pattern with Arsenal ruining my tickets.

Let me tell you another reason why tracking your bets will be the best decision you will make today.

If you are like me, you bet using different strategies every month

For example, I bet on strictly 2 odds. I bet on single high odds. I bet on low accumulators.

Tracking my bets enables me to see where I am making the most profits from every month. It allows me to refine and optimize my strategy.

Here is a tracking sheet we use which is available for FREE to all members of the 2 odds pro VIP 

It is all automated and hosted online and tracks your bets, wins, losses and profits by itself.


2 odds pro arena tracking sheet

2 odds pro arena tracking software

You can start tracking your bets today

As a member of the 2 odds pro VIP, you can start tracking using our automated tracker.

If you are not, you can start tracking from today regardless.

Get a notebook or a piece of paper

Fill it out like the image below

tracking software

As you make bets, indicate the bet type (whether singles, accumulators, 2 odds etc).

Write down the amount you are betting. Put the odds you are betting it on. Indicate whether you won, lose, got your money back, partial win or partial lose. Write your profits/losses in the profit/loss section.

You can then take a calculator and add up all the profits and losses, to see how much you are really winning or losing at any time.

Very simple.

Will you start tracking your bets from today?

Make a comment

I am going to share one dirty little secret with you in Step 4 of this series.

Watch out for my email on this.

Did you like this professional method? Do you like this how to be a professional series? Do you have any thing you will like me to write about? Do you have questions? Let me know in the comments below

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Till next time.

Stake responsibly.
Alex tso

Gambling involves risk. Please only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose.