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How to be a Professional Punter Series

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How to be a Professional Punter - Step 1


I decided to start this series by sharing with you some unique insights on how to be a professional punter.


Was last year a profitable year for you? Is this year going profitable for you?

If you dig deep and tell yourself the truth then you know you lost. If you want to have a different story by 2021 then this series is for you.


I will also be sharing some strategies and tactics you can start using right now.

The only commitment I ask of you is: read every word on this page and start taking action.


Forget everything you have known or read about how to bet, follow this series with an open mind and you will learn a lot.


Today we shall begin with the first step you should start implementing right now...

Step 1: Have a budget.

This is the first and key step on your journey to being a pro punter.

First, Only 5% of punters worldwide are actually profitable.

95% are losing.

The thing with betting is, it is a pride thing.

People won't loud it when they lose, but the moment they win, they walk around like they are the best punters in the world.

Be honest with yourself!

My guess is that you do not know how much you have lost already this year with the bookies.

The funny thing is, if you actually sit down and calculate how much you have lost this year, you will be in shock.

Action Point 1: Calculate how much you have lost this year. If you bet online, it will be easier to take a look at your bet history and see the figure.

This exercise blew the mind of Hakeem, a 29 year old entrepreneur. He recently joined the 2 odds pro arena and this was one of the first things he did. 

He had lost in 6 months over 1 million naira. He confessed he had never even had up to that cash in his bank at any time in the past 6 months.

This brings me to the main point.

The first step on how to be a professional punter is to set aside a monthly budget.

I fund my betting accounts with cash that I need to stake with every month. I would never go past my limit no matter what.

This is a crucial first step!

It helps you track how much you are betting, how much profits or losses are coming in.

Even if you bet low stakes, for example, you bet 100 naira or 200 naira on long accumulators. 

Set aside a monthly budget and DO NOT GO PAST IT.

Your monthly budget can be 1k, It can be 5k, it can be 20k, it can even be 50k.

There is a formula I use to determine what my exact monthly budget will be.

Take a look at the formula below:

If you are a casual punter, you do not bet heavy or serious, you can set 10% of your income aside.

If you are a moderate/average punter, you stake almost every weekend, and some weekdays. You can set aside 20% of your income.

If you bet heavy stakes and bet regularly, you can aside 30-40% of your income...

That's it!

Please note this is not a fixed rule!

at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide how much you want to set aside monthly.

The key takeaway here is to set your budget aside and work with it.

So if you set 10k as your budget and by the first week, you have already lost 8k. 

Na your wahala be that, you have to use the remaining 2k wisely because, you cannot use more than the budget you set aside monthly.

I can assure you that if you start using this budget principle, you will see an improvement as a punter. Your budget will force you to stay within the limits you set.

This is Step 1 of how to be a professional punter.

If you like this series or have any questions, you can make a comment below.

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Alex tso

Gambling involves risk. Please only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose.