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Change your bets, Change your life.

How i stopped being greedy and started finally cashing out from the bookies

Back in 2008.

I was a novice punter.

Remember how it was like when you just started betting?

It was exciting, it looked "easy". All i had to do was predict what the results of a soccer match was and i would make money.

It was enticing.

but the excitement quickly wore off when I lost over 100k betting stupidly on a Brazilian team playing around 1 am on nairabet.

I had taken them to win or draw and going by their records it was free money.

I literally put my school fees and borrowed some money and bet on the home team winning or drawing (there was not a lot of betting markets way back then, only 1x2, double chance).

the odds were 1.50 or so.

I felt I was going to win a free N50,000.

I stayed awake and kept refreshing live scores.

60', the score was still 0-0.

My mind was racing. I wanted the home team to score so my bet would be "safe"

75' still 0-0.

"Well, if it ends 0-0, I will still win because I covered 2 options"

the home team had over 60% possession and more shots from the live scores.

I was nervous but i also felt confident.

Betting was easy i thought.

80' minute: 0-0

All I had to do was wait 10 more minutes.

88' minute 0-0

I decided not to check the scores again till the game had ended.

It was almost 3 am that day. All my friends were asleep. I was the only one awake.

In a few minutes, i would get 50k free money.

I did a little dance.

My first time ever betting and this was going well.

I will never forget the moment till this day when i refreshed the live scores 5 minutes later.

I saw 0-1.

At first i thought it was the home team that scored a late goal, i did not understand, i refreshed again, my heart literally pounding, i could hear my heart beating, sweat was trickling down my forehead.

I saw 0-1.

The away team had score a late goal. 90+1'

I felt it was a mistake. I quickly logged into my bet account and checked the ticket.

I saw lost.

I could not believe my eyes.

I did not know when tears began running down my eyes.

I literally sent an email to nairabet telling them to refund my money. I was confused.

Chief, I just got introduced into the world of betting


you might have had a similar experience but mine was terrible for me.

i started a 12 year journey into the world of betting and today that experience is something i would never forget.

Over the years, i lost more and more, won a couple times, but always lost more.

I tried everything. Every fvcking thing!

From getting duped on fixed matches to betting on hockey and darts.

I never seemed to figure it out.

That was until 2015.

After years of losing so much that i could not keep track of.

I decided to stop being greedy and stopped betting for over 6 months.

For 6 months, i went down the rabbit hole of research and testing.

That was when i stumbled upon a secret group of pro punters who were using smaller odds to steadily grow their bankroll.

These guys were not greedy. They had a system of staking and betting that was clearly working.

I decided to follow this secret method and with a lot of patience, I refined their system and made it better and fool proof.

This was when we launched the 2 odds pro in late 2016.

For the first time in my life, in a period of 8 months, I was in greens.

I could not believe how simple and easy what had been looking for all my life was.

Just 2 odds and patience. This was the secret recipe. So simple, yet so powerful and effective.

For over 4 years, the 2 odds pro has become one of the most successful tipping services in the world.

Month in and month out, it has always been greens.

I am not saying we are perfect, but at least, we are not in red.

The number 1 fear every punter has is losing.

and we successfully removed that fear from the equation.

In the 2 odds pro arena, your bankroll is safe, you can only think of profits.

I am telling you this story today because the new season all around the world starts in a couple days.

don't fall back into your old patterns.

stop trying to be a millionaire overnight.

stop being greedy.

the secret is: less is more.

all you need is 2 odds and patience, then you will see the magic.

my life changed when i changed my bets.

what will be your story?

Join over 1251 punters in winning daily 2 odds here: https://twosureodds.com/pricing

i wish you all the best this week in your bets

don't forget to stake responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

I will also like for you to share you own first time betting experience in the comments below so we can all have a good laugh!

2 odds pro - Best tipping prediction service in the world - Highest win rate

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2 odds pro

Product Type:

2 odds winning predictions


$27/month - $79 per year


The best 2 odds soccer prediction tipping service in the world with a winning rate of over 80%. Stop throwing your cash away. Less is more. Start betting on 2.0 odds.

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