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A unique 2 odds strategy that delivers winnings

Only 1 recommended ticket per day. Over 80% win rate.

Can you make money with 2 odds?

2 Odds Pro is the ONLY premium football tipping service in the world which uses a unique 2 odds strategy.

Using just 2 odds, we provide accurate football betting predictions for our subscribers that maximize their winnings and limit losses.

We are the longest running premium football predictions service with consistent monthly return on investment (ROI). We have tested and refined our 2 odds strategy over the past 5 years (since 2016)

When i first joined, I didn't know i could use only 2 odds to catch these betting companies, now i am a believer, i only bet on 2 odds and cash out regularly now -

Alade, Nigeria

Different Categories Of Winnings

Whether you bet on goal-goal, rollovers, or single 2 odds...You can win with us with our unique 2 odds strategy

Because of the different betting styles of our subscribers, 2 odds pro offers different betting categories.

Every day a single ticket with odds of around 2.0+ is posted on the VIP. The ticket could either be a single game or doubles.

Below are our different categories with explanations:


Category 1: Official Single 2 Odds

One single game with odds of around 2+ daily. This is one of our most profitable category. All our tipsters work together to bring this single 2 odds with a high win rate.

Single 2 odds gets posted around 2 times a week.



Category 2: Over 2.5 Goals Doubles

For those who love goals, you will fall in love with this category. Our team of pro tipsters spend days collating goals data and researching the best predictions for over 2.5 goals. Just 2 games played as a double. The ticket usually rounds up to 2+ odds.

This ticket gets posted minimum of 2 times weekly



Category 3: Goal-Goal Combo

For those who love goals, you will fall in love with this category. Our team of pro tipsters spend days collating goals data and researching the best both teams to score predictions. Just 2 games played as a double every day. The ticket usually rounds up to 2+ odds.

This ticket gets posted a minimum of 2 times weekly



Category 4: Banker Ticket

This is a category we recently added to 2 odds pro  and it is hot!

Our subscribers love this category because it has the most wins since its introduction.

This category is simple. Our team of pro tipsters bring their bankers for the day. A banker is a bet you are 100% confident of with odds at least 1.30. These bankers are then further trimmed down by using our football prediction confidence models to just 2 games. This means you get a ticket of ONLY 2 games which are really confident predictions. This category has minimum odds of around 1.8+

Banker ticket gets posted usually around weekends.



Category 5: Rollover 2 Odds

For the lovers of football betting rollovers. We have a special category for you.

At the 2 odds pro arena, we have run multiple successful rollovers in the past. With our experience, we have devised the best football betting rollover strategy.

Here is how it works:
We provide our subscribers with one single rollover game every day. This game has between 1.2 to 2 odds. The goal is to start with a small amount and keep playing this game everyday. Once you have played up to 2 odds, in other words, once you have doubled your initial stake, you withdraw your capital and continue the rollover with your winnings.

This is one of our most exciting categories for those who like betting with a small amount of money and want to build their bankroll. We have had rollovers in the past going for as long as 15 days!

Booking codes are provided for this ticket. Ticket is available a day before kick-off or in the morning of the kick-off day. We send return on investment (ROI) reports every month end to our subscribers for this category. A tracking sheet is also provided for each subscriber to track their own bets.


Mr JoE

Kenya punter

I love the Goal-Goal Combo a lot. I usually stick to it, then on weekends, I play the banker ticket. These guys are very pro tipsters and i am making money from betting that i never thought was possible.

Play Only 1 ticket daily

Our 2 odds strategy is simple. We give you a recommended 2 odds ticket daily. Just one ticket. No asking you to select from multiple games. We take your hand and tell you what to stake on daily.

Everyone is a winner in the 2 odds pro  because each of our categories average a 80% win rate monthly. We have our automated tracking sheet which tracks our winnings and losses. Results are available at every time for subscribers to view

Get Predictions Via Telegram Or Email

Get our expert predictions via our telegram group. Chat with other punters. Comment and give your opinion on our predictions

Get our expert predictions via email daily. Receive all predictions with booking codes

Join Our Fun Rollover 2 Odds

Using a unique rollover strategy, we aim to go on long streak rollovers. Subscribers can choose to start with a small amount and bet on banker rollover odds daily. In the past we have gone on rollover streaks as high as 15 days!

Our rollover category is fun and has the potential to give you massive yields with just a small investment.

The rollover category is perfect if you want to build a small bankroll. 90% of  the 2 odds pro arena subscribers use this category

Always one game cut your ticket?

You deserve to win