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2 Odds Daily FREE: The Beginner's Guide (2021 NEW Update)

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All Sure 2 Odds daily: Introduction

Congratulations! You have gotten access to an incredibly powerful yet simple system to get sure 2 odds daily - for FREE! It is a system I call: “The Soccer Over 1.5 Goal Sniper System”

A very simple system I use to get good 2 odds soccer prediction and odd 2 sure wins.

The system is about spotting over 1.5 goals that round up to a total odd of 2 odd daily and above therefore giving you odd 2 sure wins.

I am going to introduce you to one sneaky way to get 2 odds daily tips.

What my System does is predict and select a high number of winning matches. Don't get me wrong. It might take some time daily in picking the bets but there's a way to fast-track the process.

Just read this guide to the end.

At this point I would like to make it clear that no Football Betting System is fool proof.

One reason why you keep losing to the bookies every time is because you have no PLAN. This is your plan.

I would be lying if I told you otherwise. But all you need is a system that turns in a decent winning rate as compared to losses, In other words, a system that can give you odd 2 sure wins.

So let's dive right in!

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How to Get Odd 2 Sure Wins Daily Using the “The Soccer Over 1.5 Goal Sniper System” 

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2 Odds Daily: The System Explained

For the purpose of this guide, my selections are from www.betexplorer.com and bets placed are on Betwinner 

You can also use foreign bookies like bet365, William hill. 

Just be sure to use a bookie with large amount of matches around the world which makes it easy to find the qualifying bets and make your 2 odds soccer prediction.

The market we will be selecting is the over 1.5 goal market.

I will show you the process to select the qualifying bets.

Download this 2 odds beginner guide in PDF format

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What we have to do is to look at the head to head history of each fixture and the form of the teams playing.

Now you are going to carefully follow these steps and instructions below in looking for qualifying bets and how to get sure 2 odds daily.

  • 1
    What we need to see in the head to head is that all of the last five matches between these two teams have finished with at least 2 goals or more, Else it is not a qualifying bet; and if there are not up to five matches played in their head to head history then there is it is not a qualifying bet.

  • 2
    Look at both of the teams last five games results. Home team should have at least 3 or more matches that have finished with at least 2 goals or more (over 1.5 goals) If there are not up to 5 matches in the last five games of any of the teams, Then it is not a qualifying bet.

    Away team should have at least 4 or more matches that have finished with at least 2 goals or more (over 1.5 goals) If there are not up to 5 matches in the last five games of any of the teams, Then it is not a qualifying bet.

Now note these two steps above because they are the key to the success of the 2 odds daily system

Any match you pick must conform to this two rules above if you want to get 2 sure odds daily.

Understand? Ok, Let’s Move On.

Free sure 2 odds prediction: Step-By-Step Guide to Picking Qualifying Bets.

Go over to www.betexplorer.com > Click on “Soccer” > Then click on “Show all today matches

See screenshot below for reference:

2 odds daily tutorial

Click on every match one by one until you find the qualifying match.

Don’t panic it doesn’t take more than ten second to determine that the match is qualifying or not qualifying.

The screenshots below shows a typical qualifying bet.

head to head

Last 5 head to head between both teams ended in over 1.5 goals

home team latest results

Home team last 5 matches. At least 3/5 went over 1.5 goals

Away team latest results

Away team. At least 4/5 of last 5 matches went over 1.5 goals

From the above screenshots you can see that the fixture is a qualifying bet because,

- Home team has at least 3 of the last 5 matches finishing with 2 goals or more (over 1.5 goals)

- Away team has at least 4 of the last 5 matches finishing with 2 goals or more (over 1.5 goals)

- Head to head of last 5 matches all finished with 2 goals or more

Can you guess how this match ended?

over 1.5 goals win

Easy win! ;)

Results of this match was 2-3 which is OVER 1.5 goals = WIN

After you have identified about three qualifying matches for that day.

Go over to your preferred betting site (local or international) and place your bets.

Typically you only need to accumulate about 3 matches or less to get 2 odds that you need to stake. However I like spotting over 1.5 goals with big odds like 2 free 1.5 odds daily to make 2 odds +. You can even get 2-3 odds daily with this system. 1.5 odds, 3 odds banker, 5 odds daily, even 50 odds daily can be gotten with this system but I recommend sticking to just 2 odds.

You can decide to also get safe 2+ odds daily with lower odds. Whichever rocks your boat is fine.

This 2 odds daily is a good sysetm and you do not even need a big bank to get this odd 2 sure wins. This method can be used to get 2 sure odds daily free

Staking and Money Management technique

My own personal view regarding the staking plan is to keep it simple. Decide upon a betting bank and please remember to never ever bet with money that you cannot afford to lose.

For instance, divide your bank into 20 and this will give you your point value e.g. If you have a betting bank of $200, divide this into 20 giving you a point value of $10. Place only 1 point stakes on each of the accumulator on our short list.

Recalculate your point value at the end of each day. This ensures that our point value increases if we win and reduces if we lose. Your bank will grow at a steady rate. 

I grew my bankroll with this system that when my friend stumbled on my betting history, he said i had "odd 2 sure wins!"

who is the best football tipster? One who can uses systems and foresight to make bet predictions that bring in profits. that is what this system can give you.

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Free 2 odds daily: A recap of the System

• Go over to www.betexplorer.com

• Go to the soccer section

• Click on show all matches

• Browse for matches with following form, Both home and away teams have 4 or more of the last 5 matches finished with 2 goals or more.

• On head to head section ALL of the last 5 matches finished with two goals or more. • After identifying your bets go over your preferred bookie.

• We are after OVER 1.5 betting market

• The bet we are going to use is an accumulator of two or three (known as treble or a double) matches. it’s your choice which accumulator you choose.

 • Recalculate your point value at the end of each day.

• Never bet with money that you cannot afford to lose

Hope this 2 odds daily prediction site helps you.

Download this 2 odds beginner guide in PDF format

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How do you win 2 odds a day?

You can win 2 odds a day by any of the following methods

1) Use the Over 1.5 goal sniper system (Hard way)

2) Join the 2 odds pro community (Easy, start winning today)

In conclusion, it is possible to hit a very high win rate with 2 odds which you can turn into a stream of steady profits

Want to start winning with 2 odds?

The system you just read above is an effective system and I would advice you to give it a shot.

However I have something way better for you.

You see, searching around the internet looking researching games can be a difficult process.

Sometimes using this system you just learnt, you may not get sure 2 odds daily because finding the qualifying bets might be a bit of a stressful process. 

I and my team have found an even MORE powerful system that spots 2 odds which win regularly in the 2 odds pro arena, You get the 2 odds winning predictions through email and telegram

The system you just learnt above is a great system but imagine you betting on the best sure 2 odds to win daily?

Of all the matches in a day, we have devised a system of picking out the best markets which will produce the best 2 odds daily.

In addition, you don’t need to do any work, all you need do is login to the member’s arena, take the games for the day and stake on it!

We currently have over 1251 punters who are cashing out with 2 odds monthly, and I would personally want you to join us today.

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